This area is fully editable and gives you the opportunity to go into more detail about your business, what you do and what sets you apart from the competition.

This area is fully editable and gives you the opportunity to go into more detail about your business, what you do and what sets you apart from the competition.

This area is fully editable and gives you the opportunity to go into more detail about your business, what you do and what sets you apart from the competition.

July 12, 2017
Interview with SelfCAD
STEM Education & Entrepreneurship Platform is so glad to present this interview with Jon Gross, co-founder of SelfCAD. We strongly think that this read will be greatly enjoyed by the 3D Printing Community. We send our thanks to Jon Gross for his time and for introducing the SelfCAD, an online 3D CAD/CAM program which has many unique features.   

Would you please tell us about yourself?

Hi, my name is Jon Gross, I am one of the co-founders of SelfCAD. SelfCAD is an online 3D CAD/CAM program which includes a 30,000 3D printable object library and built in slicer. What makes us unique is that SelfCAD can not only be used from the classroom (without downloading it) but students can access bring their designs home to continue working on their personal computers. SelfCAD was designed for students and professionals based on extensive research done from within the 3D printing community.

What are the main advantages of using 3D design and printing tools in STEM Education programs?

STEM education has done a remarkable job bridging the gap between hands on learning and future technologies. The main advantage of using 3D is allowing the students to be creative. Designing in 3D allows for an idea of an object to become a tangible piece of reality.
Why did you decide to start SELFCAD?

SelfCAD was officially released on April 2nd, 2017. However, SelfCAD was started 2.5 years ago with an idea. 3D printing is our future. Designing and thinking in three dimensions are critical for future problem-solving. We looked into the market and saw that certain CAD software were $5000+. Additionally, there were free software available, however, these were very limited in tools, design size and hard to learn. This caused users to download multiple free programs to design. We figured we can change this.

We decided to bridge the two worlds: affordable CAD software, which provides all the necessary tools needed to build large and complex objects, yet with an easy to understand user interface/experience.

The idea is, after students finish learning 3D in the classroom, that does not have to be the end of their 3D designing career. We created SelfCAD with the idea that students can continue their passion for creating, online from home or office.
What makes SELFCAD unique in the market and how would teachers / students benefit from it? Who can use SELFCAD?

We designed SelfCAD with one main goal: we call it K.I.S. or Keep it Simple. We are soon to release an education curriculum, which can be accessed by grade four and above. These activities can be used by teachers to run a simulation and explain how 3D designing works or as homework assignments for students. SelfCAD is all-in-one program and allows modeling, sculpting and slicing online. It’s affordable (and free for students), easy to learn and accessible.
How can individuals / institutes / companies obtain the SELFCAD platform?

SelfCAD is free for students, teachers and-non profits. SelfCAD can be found online at and in seconds you can sign up and have access to the entire SelfCAD suite and the 30,000 object library, no download necessary. Education institutions will need to contact SelfCAD directly ([email protected]) to obtain the education portal and to be assigned an education ambassador from SelfCAD. These ambassadors help teachers from designing a curriculum to any trouble shooting they may need. We are here to help!
Do you run any programs or would you like to start any programs with STEM?

SelfCAD was just launched on April 2nd, 2017. We currently have ongoing talks with a few STEM organizations around the country and have currently partnered with one of the largest 3D Printing Education companies in India (3Dexter) to bring SelfCAD and 3D Printing to over 200 schools there.
Thank you very much for your time and inform us about SELFCAD. Would you like to add anything that may capture the attention of our readers?

SelfCAD is a great program and what I think makes it strong is our ability to meet not only the needs of professional designers, but also students, teachers, and hobbyist who are new to designing. We have bridged the gap of affordable Computer Aided Design with simplicity and professional level software. I think 3D printing is best and most accurately depicted by former President Barak Obama: "3D Printing technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything!"
 SelfCAD has a YouTube channel ( with 60+ videos, which explain each function and are great way to dive into 3D designing.  With this, I wanted to say thank you to
STEM Education & Entrepreneurship Platform and best of luck! If you would like to contact SelfCAD please connect with us on Facebook, twitter or email.