This area is fully editable and gives you the opportunity to go into more detail about your business, what you do and what sets you apart from the competition.

This area is fully editable and gives you the opportunity to go into more detail about your business, what you do and what sets you apart from the competition.

This area is fully editable and gives you the opportunity to go into more detail about your business, what you do and what sets you apart from the competition.

MEETING QUBITSTOY                  May 08, 2017
STEM Toys are now becoming widespread throughout the world, QUBITS Toy Inc being one of the industry leaders in the market. In this very special interview, we, as "STEM Education & Entrepreneurship" Portal are together with Ms. Lisa BURGINGER, co-owner of QUBITSTOY Inc. We greatly thank to Ms. BURGINGER for joining us in this intreview and informing us about QUBITS and giving us new insights into STEM Education.

Would you please tell us briefly about yourself and about how you got interested in the field of STEM Education?

My name is Lisa Burginger. I am a co owner of Qubitstoy Inc. We developed a STEM Style Construction toy. The toy was invented in 2005 by my husband Mark. Today the STEM education program is widespread. Qubits Toy is a modular, snap fit construction toy allowing you to build large, strong geometric structures. In 2007, a teacher in Oregon connected us with their STEM program. We have been connecting with STEM teachers ever since.
What influenced / motivated you to establish QUBITS and how did you start your business?

Our families have owned their own business since the 1960’s.  Our father was a wonderful teacher to learn from.  Bucky Fuller was also an important influence on Mark while inventing Qubits.  He was a mentor to Mark in the 1980’s.  Mark is now a California licensed Architect.  That background was a tremendous help in developing our toy Qubits.  We knew the first thing we would have to do is get a patent which we did. It helped during this journey that myself and our children all supported Mark’s idea for Qubits Toy.
How does QUBITS help the education of students? What are the key advantages / benefits of QUBITS Toys within the context of STEM Education?  

We feel the best way to get children to think is to engage them while they play. The goal of this toy is to further introduce them to concepts they first learn about in school like Engineering, Chemistry or Architecture. The geometry of Qubits allows you to build strong structures. You can even bend them because they are flexible. This will allow you to create tubes, cylinders, columns and even spheres.

Qubits is a toy that uses your imagination. There are no pages & pages of step-by-step instructions to follow. Thanks to the built-in logic of the pieces, every connection you make is highly triangulated. The assembled models are very sturdy and they can actually support items like books, figures, and even other construction toys. The older children use this toy for a Robotics Chassis frame. The penetrations in the shapes are designed for attaching other items like string, wire or recycled items around your house. We always ask people, what did you build today?

Having or acquiring the ability to think in 3D at the early ages seems to be extremely important for students to improve their skills in creative thinking. How does QUBITS Toy help students improve their creative thinking?

Qubits Toy seems to train young minds about spatial thinking and the ability to visualize in the third dimension. For certain careers in later life, this form of intelligence plays a key role. Three-dimensional construction also helps build mental muscles for complex concepts like abstract geometry and physics. 

Building with Qubits Toy teaches children play skills.  Such as negotiation teamwork and patience.  As kids build together, they can develop relationships and leadership skills.

When we look online, we see a lot of STEM Toys available in the market. What distinguishes QUBITS' Toys from others' in this ever growing market?

Qubits Toy is original.  There are many construction toys in the market.  However, thankfully, we haven’t seen a toy that can do the same structures / shapes as ours. Typically with many construction toys, you have to read the instructions and follow step by step.  After you have created your model, it is put on a shelf to admire. Not so with Qubits Toy. Our toy comes with a blue print of basic shapes you may or may not follow.  It's all about your imagination. Once you finish creating your masterpiece, you unsnap the pieces, to make something else. There is no end to what you can create. Our toy is for ages 4 thru 104. Which means the older you are the more advanced things you can create.

Have you received any feedback from the users of QUBITS Toys? Would you please share any user stories and/or best practices which involved QUBITS Toys? How widely are the QUBITS Toys used in the US and overseas?

We receive feedback all the time.  The best feedback is when we are at a school, library, camp or even a craft show. Watching the children create in front of your eyes is mind blowing. We learn from them as well.  You can see their hands and minds working as they use their imagination. No two projects are alike. At a local school recently, the STEM Academy participating with Qubits® built a tower and broke the record of Lincoln logs.  It took a few days to complete the tower. It reached 17 feet. It made a place in the record breaking journal. To see the faces of these 6th graders, and their teacher building this tower together was remarkable.

Teachers from all over the United States and Canada have purchased Qubits® for their classrooms/makerspaces/STEM Academies.  Libraries are also starting to purchase this toy for children to have when they enter the library quiet space. We have sold to many Children’s Museums, and Art and Science Museums as well.  

Qubits toy is also well received overseas. Schools in other countries and parents have started to purchase them too. Our distribution was thru Amazon UK.

Nowadays, STEM Education Topic is quite popular worldwide. How do you see the future developments? What new steps will you take in your business and should we expect new QUBITS Toys soon?

We believe STEM will become even more popular in the coming years. Education is the world’s number one goal. To be able to work together, and have a common goal would be amazing. Qubits toy is always changing for the better, and we are coming up with new ideas to keep up with the market, children and STEM. We have new parts in development that will make building faster and we will be introducing new and exciting materials. Yes, our toy will actually explore material science with the very material that makes up the toy.
Ms. Lisa BURGINGER, thank you very much for joining us today and introducing QUBITS to us and to our readers. Would you like to add any final remarks?

Qubits® is a family business.  It’s so rewarding to work with each other. Our goal is to get everyone familiar with our toy, and make a difference in the lives of as many kids as we can. Play is essential. Toys and play are to child development efforts as much as sun and water are to plants. Play helps kids take root and thrive in their environment.