WiSTEM (Women In STEM) will be held September 11-12 in San Francisco as an Affiliate Partner of Mobile World Congress Americas – www.mwcamericas.com. WiSTEM is produced by MKF, a leading global public nonprofit organization driving women to nurture their economic, social and intellectual potential.  WiSTEM also hosts an annual Awards Gala; a peer-reviewed awards program and reception honoring trailblazers in 10 different categories.  WiSTEM convenes an audience of 500+ from 20 nations. It is all wrapped inside the excitement and crossover opportunities afforded by collocating with the MWC Americas event and its 30,000 attendees.  WiSTEM attendees get free access to MWC exhibits. www.womeninstemconference.com
ELECTRONICS VALLEY Inc. (EV) is an organization globally acting communication platform for a wide spectrum of industries specialized in aviation, aerospace and defense technologies.

EV is devoted to knowledge sharing through networking, learning and
developing partnerships. EV supports and runs unique events organized for professionals from STEM fields.

BUPAT GLOBAL LLC offers exclusive services in the realms of technology marketing, consultancy, and international business development. 
BUPAT GLOBAL LLC also offers state-of-the-art power and RF electronics components for aerospace, medical, electronics and off-highway industries through its long-term partners.

Majority of BUPAT GLOBAL LLC employees hold STEM degrees from various highly prestigious universities.

Codeverse is the world's first fully interactive coding studio for kids aged 6-12, founded on the mission to teach a billion kids to code.